100 years of St George Cricket Club

A Century of Achievement The Players and People of the St George District Cricket Club By Mike Coward

 ‘It is more than just an entertaining history of the revered saints.’ John Benaud

 The book is a warm and evocative account of the people who have made the St George District Cricket Club stunningly successful over one hundred years.Renowned for its stability and respected for its adherence to the traditional values of the game, the club has made an inestimable contribution to cricket in the famed Sydney sporting district of St George and far beyond. Don Bradman, Bill O’Reilly, Arthur Morris, Ray Lindwall and spiritual leaders Warren Saunders and Brian Booth are among those that have carried the St George flag with élan and pride. St George DCC has produced outstanding leaders on and off the field and can point to an imposing record of one hundred titles in its first century.

 A Century of Achievement takes you inside the club and charts its evolution from conservative institution to the foremost cricket club in New South Wales.

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